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New Zealand

Why Study in New Zealand?

  • World class education with 46 of the world’s top 100 Universities
  • Strong quality controls are set by the New Zealand Government ensures that the qualifications and institutes meets high educational standards.
  • Renowned for its research, innovation and advanced technological development
  • Practically orientated educational environment
  • Merit based scholarships and financial aid packages
  • Availability of part time work opportunities whilst studying
  • Excellent post graduation work placement opportunities
  • 20 Hrs part time work weekly during study time.
  • Twelve month open work permit

Things to Know about New Zealand:

  • New Zealand is home to one of the most beautiful natural environments in the entire world
  • Great academics meet exquisite natural beauty and Maori culture in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand offers world class education along with unforgettable adventure. It is best for its outdoor adventure of hiking, skiing, fishing, camping and river rafting opportunities throughout the country.
  • New Zealand has plenty of urban excitement. New Zealand’s cities feature sports, entertainment, cultural attractions and lots to see and do.
  • Capital city: Wellington
  • Largest city: Auckland
  • Official languages: English, Maori
  • Major religion: Christianity
  • Prime Minister: John Key
  • Area : 268,021 km2
  • Population of New Zealand is around 4.693 million (as per 2016)
  • Currency: 1 New Zealand dollar ($) (NZD) = INR 45 (Approximately as on Oct 17)
  • Calling Code : +64
  • Most popular sport: Cricket, Rugby, Football, Rowing etc.


  • Slightly different starting dates  among institutes and some also offer summer school during the main holiday period i.e between November to February.
  • Major Intakes are in February, July and sometimes in September.
  • University generally takes around 4-6 weeks to process the applications

Documents needed for Admission:

  • All academics mark sheets and passing certificates from 10th onwards,
  • Passport copy or birth certificate
  • All international students are required to provide an essay, statement of intent or personal statement of experience.
  • Resume

Entry Requirements / Eligibility:

1) Undergraduate – Bachelors

  • High School Certificate or 12 years of schooling with good grades.
  • Some courses such as Computing and Engineering will require Mathematics and /or Science as pre-requisites
  •  IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Required as per the institution’s entry requirements.

2) Postgraduate – Masters

  • A good academic record in Bachelors Degree from a recognized university.
  • Any work experience in the field will be helpful
  • Tthe business schools for a quality  MBA programs at some Universities students need to have work experience along with their Bachelors Degree
  •  IELTS 6.0 or above as per institution’s entry requirement.

Education, living costs in New Zealand:

  • The costs of studying in New Zealand depend on the institution and the level of study you choose.
  • As an international student, your tuition fees are payable before you study.
  • There is a considerable range in cost of living amongst the metros and non metros.
  • Immigration New Zealand requirement is $15,000 per year plus return airfare or additional $2,000.

Admission  and visa process at VIPRO GLOBAL :

To know about the complete admission and visa process to New Zealand Universities and to get the up to date value advice about the opportunities for studying in New Zealand, applicants should first register with VIPRO GLOBAL.  After registration, applicants will be carefully guided through a number of key stages, maximising their chances of getting admission in to the institutions of their choice and visa from the New Zealand High Commission. This is how VIPRO GLOBAL works on the New Zealand admissions and visa process. The stages are as below:

  1. VIPRO GLOBAL will need to verify and scan your original academic qualifications and need to know your  career goals, work experience, financial status and your aspirations.
  1. To apply to the desired institute, produce all your original documents to initiate the process accordingly VIPRO GLOBAL shortlists University & Course that matches your profile.
  2. VIPRO GLOBAL goes through the student’s written Statement of Purpose, Resume and Letters of Recommendation and suggest for any modifications if required.
  3. VIPRO GLOBAL verifies the completed Application form, and review the SOP before forwarding the application package to the respective institute for an offer letter.
  4. Institute assesses the application and upon meeting the requirements, they issue an offer letter.
  5. VIPRO GLOBAL team gives the visa check list as per the student’s academic and financial conditions.
  6. VIPRO GLOBAL gives one on one guidance and assistance on how to follow the checklist and compile the documents.
  7. You get ready with the documents as per checklist and submit at VIPRO GLOBAL office: Ongoing support is given to applicants and their families during this process.
  8. Respective counsellor / visa officer at VIPRO GLOBAL office will check and assess all submitted documents and visa forms and guide or process further accordingly.
  9. VIPRO GLOBAL prepare applicant for mock interview that he/she may have with the New Zealand High Commission
  10. VIPRO GLOBAL helps in lodging the student visa for final outcome.
  11. After the pre – visa approval, student pay tuition fee to the institution and transfer funds towards living expenditure. VIPRO GLOBALconducts Pre-Departure session and explain about dos and don’ts in New Zealand.
  12. Student visa decision is made only by the New Zealand High commission or Visa officer or Embassy personnel.