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Services To Institutions

VIPRO GLOBAL do the following Marketing campaigns in India for our valuable associated institutions.

Education Fairs throughout the year:

Institutes meet Pre screened and pre assessed students in each location so as to target more serious and focused students. These type of fairs provide the overseas institutes an excellent breakthrough to meet the students face to face and could provide the information related to admission criteria, possible scholarships, campus facilities and post study work opportunities in their country.

Conducting Events:

VIPRO GLOBAL actively participate in education/career fairs organized by local media, book fairs, and college cultural fests etc. Also VIPRO GLOBAL involves in organizing seminars, exhibitions, Career fairs on its own in Association with Foreign Universities at local bodies (eg i.e Colleges/ Universities/ Events) to give more personal interaction to the students. This obviously helps in opening the minds of students and parents to various learning opportunities they have abroad. VIPRO GLOBAL interacts with the customers more personally and demonstrate and build credibility of the company & associated Institutes.

Presentations at  Universities & Colleges:

Ties with the local Schools & Colleges, to have Education Events conducted regularly in their premises. VIPRO GLOBAL invites partner institutes to give presentations in the well known local institutions to create direct awareness on the opportunities available to Indian students in the respective country.