Services To Students

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Services To Students

Career  Counseling :

At VIPRO GLOBAL, student profiles are thoroughly assessed in order to advise the student towards the desired career outcome.  We listen carefully to student needs and provide the best advice. VIPRO GLOBAL career advisors are professionally trained and qualified resources of information and are trained to guide you through selection of courses, institutions and destinations.


“80% of the VIPRO GLOBAL Students availed the Scholarships offered by the Universities based on the eligibility criteria.VIPRO GLOBAL is here for you to maximize your chance of getting the scholarship you deserve .”

 Finance Guidance:

The most essential part of the entire procedures is the Financial aspects involved with the student’s visa process.  VIPRO GLOBAL  helps applicants with all the information related to funds and availing educational loans as per respective high commission norms.

Visa Guidance with Mock Interviews:

VIPRO GLOBAL has a specialist team of visa facilitators. They work with the applicant and his/her family to understand the financial means possible to them and make them ready to present as per the high commission norms. With this specialized and customized preparation from VIPRO GLOBAL, facing the interview for visa will become easier. The applicant will be fully confident of what to do and what not to do, how to tackle the difficult questions and situations during the visa interview. Self-confidence, proper planning, preparation and presentation are the key aspects to succeed in any visa interview. VIPRO GLOBAL always feel responsible in making the applicant fully prepared to handle all the components of student visa interview, with these tips and guidelines the applicant would become confident and get the desirable Student Visa. We have a 100% track record for positive student visa.

Travel Arrangements and Foreign Exchange:

We at VIPRO GLOBAL have tied up with few Travel Agents in India for booking Tickets and for Foreign Exchange  that your money is exchanged into any currency required at the best possible rate. Please do contact VIPRO GLOBAL for more information.

Pre-Departure Guidance:

VIPRO GLOBAL understands the anxiety of the students regarding their stay in a different country and the need to prepare them for it. So we arrange Pre-Departure Sessions where information is provided about the country and the people, important documents and necessary items to be carried, etc. The time to time pre-departure Orientation sessions organized at “VIPRO GLOBAL”, gives the applicant an opportunity to meet other students (and their parents) who are heading abroad and to the same university/Country. This eventually will help you in settle down easily into your new study destination country.

Post arrival assistance:

VIPRO GLOBAL also offers post arrival assistance to the students that we place in various universities across the world. VIPRO GLOBAL assists airport pickups, temporary accommodation for the students in collaboration with respective universities or with the help of senior students in that country.

Continuing Onshore Support:

Even after the student reaches the destination, we assist them for any problems or help needed at any point of time during their stay.

Post Arrival Assistance to Parents and Family Members:

We happily assist further for any particular details or services required by parents after the student reaches. Often our students are regularly in touch with us and keep us updated with their progress. They also seek our services for the visit and dependent visa assistance to their family members like parents / spouse etc. We provide these services as per the respective high commission norms.

Educational fairs and seminars:

VIPRO GLOBAL conducts several awareness events every year for the benefit of the student community.  Educational fairs and seminars are part of it. The delegates or the qualified education advisors on overseas studies of the respective institution provide direct information on the courses offered  by them along with the possible career opportunities pertaining  overseas education to candidates and their parents.

These events also provide an opportunity for students to apply for admissions to the visiting universities. There is, however, no obligation on the part of the students to file their applications and can be treated as only information gathering exercise.

Our Services are unique because of :

Our expertise in this field.
Our valuable, friendly and reliable Services to each student.
Swift decisions on the outcome of the applications made by students.
A single Point Of Contact.
Well-exposed, qualified and knowledgeable advisors.
Most significantly we follow one principle ‘the victory of every student is our victory’