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(ECE, Portland state university, Oregon, USA)

“After my undergrad, when I was planning to go abroad for masters one of my friends suggested to go to Malathi Mam (in 2013), I am always thankful to that friend, later my parents also applied visa through them when they were coming for my graduation. When I first met Malathi mam and Durga Prasad garu I asked many questions for which they patiently answered and our conversation went for few hours, felt they are so genuine unlike other consultants. I went to them when it is almost peak time for spring applications and all good university deadlines were very close, but even then she helped me search good state universities for my major, which has good internship, on campus job opportunities. They scrutinized my statement of purpose many times before applying, following up with universities through emails regarding my applications, what not! she personally helped me in every single step of my application process till I got visa like a family member. I can’t thank them (Malathi garu and Durga Prasad garu) enough for making my journey smoother. I was a student of Portland state university, Oregon (ece) which has best course work and work opportunities for electrical major ….Thanks a lot and my Best wishes from the bottom of our (my family) hearts to VIPRO GLOBAL, you both deserve success in tons….Thank you.”

Madavan Raja Viswanathan

(Texas A & M University, College Station in USA)

 “I was pursuing my B.Tech in ECE and wanted to do my Masters in Electromagnetics in the US. I had selected a few universities on my own and was going to apply it myself. But during the process, I got stuck about how to show my financial documents and what to be sent to the universities. So I started searching for consultancies in Vijayawada in the Internet and came across Malathi Mam and Prasad sir. I approached them personally and they helped me out in each and every way, right from applying the universities till I got my visa. They made a clear list of what all is needed. Malathi Mam gave all the requirements till I got admitted in Texas A & M University, College Station in US. Then Durga Prasad Sir helped me out fully for the visa part and guided me for the visa interview. I am very thankful to them for their support” ….Thanks and Regards.


( Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA)

While I’m pursuing my undergrad, I was planning to go abroad for masters. One of my uncles suggested me to go to Malathi Mam. I’m really thankful to my uncle for suggesting me this consultancy. When I first met Mam, She took all information about me including my interests about the Masters(degree n course). When I’m done with my GRE and IELTS, I reported my scores to Mam. I can say that the staff in that consultancy are also too good, friendly and helpful. They will filter the schools based on my profile and sends to my mail. Even Malathi Mam also helped me to pick right colleges among them. When it comes to visa!! I was really thankful to Durga Prasad Sir for helping me to get my visa in the very first attempt. I truly owe my gratitude to VIPRO GLOBAL team.




“I am very thankful to Malathi madam and Durga Prasad sir. VIPRO GLOBAL is an excellent consultancy in terms of assisting with selecting courses as well as in terms of their efforts for the preparation of VISA. They did a marvellous job. On the first day I felt very nervous because I don’t know anything about the universities in Australia but after discussing with the Malathi madam for a few minutes I got confidence and I felt like I am at the right place. I really appreciate Malathi madam’s patience because at any time if I had any doubt she will explain it clearly, from the next day I felt very friendly with sir and Madam. From the beginning of my process to the end they really helped me a lot with a genuine service that is the reason that made me to suggestMalathi madam to my friends who are applying for Australia. I am sure once Malathi madam starts the process we are sure of a positive result from her. VIPRO GLOBAL helped me with not only visa but also my air tickets, forex and accommodation …Thank you so much for all the help.”


M. B. N. Prakash Reddy

(Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia)

Firstly, I would like to thank Malathi mam and Prasad sir for their hard work and continuous support in my entire VISA process. First of all, we feel really comfortable talking to them. Also, they make the process really easy for us. They don’t make you come here and there for every small issue. I hardly went three or four times in this entire process (Actually the fourth one is to personally meet and thank them). They helped me a lot in each and every aspect of the process and the process went really smooth. I especially thank Malathi mam for her continuous support in this entire process and also answering all my questions patiently. I really wish that you will get huge success in this  field and also wish that VIPRO GLOBAL guides many students to achieve their dream. I am very much satisfied and hence, I personally suggest everyone who want to pursue their higher education in a good university, overseas to meet them . Thank you once again to both of you for all your support.

Thanusha  Indupalli

(Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia)

Forever grateful to Mr.Durga Prasad garu & Malathi kodali garu. On the very first day when I met them I felt I am in good hands. They want everything genuine from student side. From the beginning to the day my visa got approved they worked really hard in processing my file successfully. They understood my concerns and helped me to achieve what I want. My admission process went smooth just because of them. They guided me effectively in every step of the process right from choosing the course to providing me accommodation. I really appreciate Mrs. Malathi garu for her patience in answering my never ending list of questions and for the immense support during the interview process. I personally feel that they hold themselves accountable towards every student equally. They give us maximum inputs from their own experiences.  From the bottom of my heart I really thank Mr & Mrs. Kodali for shaping new exciting phase in my life towards high success. VIPRO GLOBAL education… Keep moving forward. May you get success of tons…Regards



I am very much thankful to both Prasad Sir and Malathi Madam for their throughout guidance from choosing university to boarding a flight to Melbourne. I have been struggling for few months before I met them in choosing University and bit confused about which country I should prefer for achieving my future goals. After meeting them and discussing my confusions were cleared and my process to Australia has started. Once they have taken up my file I knew I was in right hands and I knew where I would end up. As planned I am now doing my masters in Deakin University, Australia. And I was lucky enough to meet them at that point of my life. I want to thank them for opening a new office in Guntur, a lot of students in Guntur are waiting for genuine consultancy and thank you VGE in advance on behalf of Guntur. Regards, Sagar Kodari